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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs generally refer to hand-knotted rugs. Today, so many distinctions are made that we differentiate Oriental Rugs by their location to ensure the greatest quality Oriental rug care possible. This page focuses on the two most prominent types of Oriental Rugs and their cleaning methods.

Chinese Oriental Rug Cleaning and Restoration

Chinese rug cleaning depends on whether the rug is silk or wool and when the rug was made (silk rug cleaning can be learned here). Chinese wool rugs, known as Tientsin, were made between 1920 and 1940. Older rugs are rare, as world export did not begin until this time.

Since the pile on these rugs is thick and the wool is soft, if the rug was created before 1940s rotary scrubbing can cause pile distortion. Additionally, after cleaning the selvage may brown requiring acetic acid to correct it. It is therefore more nuanced than regular oriental rug cleaning.

These rugs are also susceptible to sun fading. If this occurs we can correct it with our colour restoration procedures and specialised Oriental rug care techniques.

Indian  Rug Cleaning and Restoration

Most Indian rugs that come through Prestige Rug Spa were made post independence from the British Empire. As a result, most are reproductions of rug variations from around the world.

As a result Indian rugs require a great deal variation in terms of cleaning depending on the pile type, the fibres used, and looming methods. The reproductions are usually machine made; as a result sometimes they do not need fine oriental rug cleaning procedures. Oriental rug care cleaning varies so this is an important consideration.

Rug Cleaning by Type

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Certified by the Best in the World

We take our Oriental rug care services seriously. With over 20 years of rug cleaning and carpet cleaning experience, we have been certified by experts all around the world. This means better quality services for you and your beautiful rug. Whether it is a cheap machine made rug or a hand crafted beauty, at Prestige Rug Spa we are fully equipped to give you the best rug cleaning and Oriental rug care possible.

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