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Our Cleaning

Process, Step by Step

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Sometimes it is hard to conceptualise why you are spending your hard earned money. This page seeks to showcase our fine cleaning process at our expert rug cleaner plant in Swansea.

The First Steps: Dirt Removal

Pile Lifter

Rug Badger Pass 1

Rug Badger Pass 2

Revealing the Solids

Sweep Up Solids

Dispose of Solids

The Cleaning Process

Initial Soak

Front Clean 1

Front Clean 2

Back Clean 1

Back Clean 2

Agitate 1

Agitate 2

Second Clean 1

Second Clean 2

Removing Waste

Removing Waste 1

Removing Waste 2

Centrifuge Waste Extraction 1

Centrifuge Waste Extraction 2

Rinsing and Grooming

Rinse Front

Rinse Back

Centrifuge Rinse Water

Hand Grooming

Rug Cleaning by Type

Click the Pictures to Learn about Our Rug Cleaning Procedures by Rug Type

Middle Eastern Rugs

Oriental Rugs

Silk & Rayon

Synthetic Rugs

Certified by the Best in the World

We take our restoration services seriously. With over 20 years of rug cleaning and carpet cleaning experience, we have been certified by experts all around the world. This means better quality services for you and your beautiful rug. Whether it is a cheap machine made rug or a hand crafted beauty, at Prestige Rug Spa we are fully equipt to give you the best rug cleaning

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